News: July 8th-13th 2012

News جريدة اليوم السابع نشرت “اضراب ثلاثة صحفيين عن الطعام ووقفة احتجاجية تضامنا مع شيماء عادل” اقرأها هنا The Christian Science Monitor published “Why do the Sudanese Protests Get so Little News Coverage?” written by Tom Murphy, read it here. Amnesty International published a press release titled “Sudan: Torture, Abuse of Demonstrators Charge or Release … Continue reading

Tweets from WadNubawi

The following was sent via whats app from a friend in WadNubawi on Friday, June 13th, 2012. By: H.M. We were about 15000 inside the mosque and although we noticed the numbers of police and NISS were bigger this Friday, people decided to march outside. They were quickly dispersed by tear gas, which was also … Continue reading

A Mother’s Call

Zeinab B.D, the mother of  the detainee Mohamed Salah was interviewed by S.M.. about the arrest of her son.  Mohamed has been detained by the NISS since June 24th, 2012. الفيديو مقابلة مع أم المعتقل محمد صلاح، الذي تم اعتقاله يوم24.6.2012 ..تم اعداده و تصويره بواسطة س.م This post was originally posted in Rhapsodic Stanza, … Continue reading

Ex-detainee Story: 3

This account was originally posted on the web board Sudanese Online in Arabic (original Arabic version can be found at the bottom of post). It was written by Abdelwahab A.E. , who witnessed these events first-hand.  One of my web board friends called me on Sunday and informed me that his son was being held … Continue reading

If You Don’t Believe..

By: Dina O. I’m not going to go into the turmoil and troubles of my country, Sudan for they are so many and so much, it would complete this article before my trying to reach my point.We find ourselves at a point in time where there is potential and a chance for change. A time … Continue reading

Sudanese Doctors Syndicate Revolts

A compilation of tweets by @SuperMojok who was tweeting live from the event, and videos also by @SuperMojok. July 9th, 2012 marks another achievement for #SudanRevolts. On this day, the doctors of the Republic of Sudan announced the inauguration of the Sudanese Doctors Syndicate after 23 years of suspension. Dr. Albadwi announced the Doctors Syndicate … Continue reading

A Wife’s Appeal

By: Nancy D. I am writing to appeal to the leaders of Sudan’s opposition parties who signed the Democratic Alternative Charter, to beg for your assistance in releasing my husband, Rudwan Dawod and other activists arrested with him while participating in a peaceful demonstration in ElHaj Yousif on Tuesday evening. Security later went to his … Continue reading

Ex-detainee Story: 2

By: Anonymous تم  اعتقالي من احدي المظاهرات في شوارع الخرطوم مع زميلي مصور وصديقتي صحفية وذلك بعد مطاردة بالعربية ادت بنا الي حادث مريع  ادي الي تدمير  عربت زميلي المصور تم انزلونا من العربية بعنف مع الضرب في الوجة والراس وكل اجزاء الجسم بالايدي والهراوات ثم تم رفعنا في عربية بوكس وامرونا ان نستلقي في ارضية العربة على وجوهنا … Continue reading

News: July 1st – 7th, 2012

News An old article dating from April 25th, 2011 is of relevance this week with the growing number of detained Sudanese and foreign activists and professionals: the Independent World Report published “Letter from Khartoum” by Yousif Elmahdi, read it here. Comment Middle East published “Is This the Sudan Summer?” by Omar Zaki, read it  here. Reem Abbas … Continue reading