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#SudanRevolts (not) vs. The Parties

By: Muniness I have a few bones to pick about #SudanRevolts and 140 characters were not enough, so I will do it here. It’s about the political parties in Sudan. The whole point of having political parties is that we have an aggregate of experts in public policy, governance and leadership. Whether this is true … Continue reading

يوكبيديا الكنداكة

بقلم: محمد داود  أُخذت عن النسخة الأثيوبية لكتاب سيرة الأسكندر لا شك أن كلمة (الكنداكة) يكتنفها الكثير من الالتباس في أذهان الكثيرين، ولعل ذلك ناتج عن بعد المسافة التاريخية التي تفصل ما بين عصرنا الراهن وذلك العصر البعيد الذي كانت تحمل فيه الكلمة مدلولها الملوكي، بل حتى أن المعاصرين لذلك العصر من الأجانب كان يلتبس عليهم … Continue reading

رسالة من بعيد: من الجمع الى أين؟

بقلم: د.عمرو م أولا أبدأ أننى من الجيل السابق وقد كنت فى نفس موقفكم طوال ديكتاتورية نميرى، خرجت فى المظاهرات ورميت الأمن بالحجارة واعتقلت لفترة قصيرة وأحلت للمعاش ثلاثة مرات فى ذلك العهد. واجهت نفس الموقف فى أوائل عهد الانقاذ فصلت من عملى وطوردت من الأمن. أقول هذا لكي لاتظنوا أننى من المتفرجين الذين ينظرون. … Continue reading

If You Don’t Believe..

By: Dina O. I’m not going to go into the turmoil and troubles of my country, Sudan for they are so many and so much, it would complete this article before my trying to reach my point.We find ourselves at a point in time where there is potential and a chance for change. A time … Continue reading

A Wife’s Appeal

By: Nancy D. I am writing to appeal to the leaders of Sudan’s opposition parties who signed the Democratic Alternative Charter, to beg for your assistance in releasing my husband, Rudwan Dawod and other activists arrested with him while participating in a peaceful demonstration in ElHaj Yousif on Tuesday evening. Security later went to his … Continue reading

I (Personally) Revolt

By: Muniness Paris I’m currently in Paris. Two friends flew in from Cairo and London to join S and I. We got on the train to Paris just 4 hours after I finished my last Master’s exam. It’s my first time in Paris and the city is truly enchanting- where we walked anyways. However, #SudanRevolts … Continue reading

Revolution, What Revolution?

By: Reem G. Apparently, the country is going through a revolution. I’m not sure exactly what the definition of  ‘revolution’ is, because what I see going on these days sure isn’t what it’s supposed to be. Yes, there are scattered demonstrations that get squashed in 10 minutes flat by the riot police with the least … Continue reading

Fiscal Austerity and #SudanRevolts

Compiled By:  @al_loya In the below article, I’ve tried to compile a number of tweets by Yousif ElMahdi on Sudan’s Economy ,why ‘Fiscal Austerity’ is a sham and how this relates to #SudanRevolts. Oil Revenue Plundered The Government of Sudan’s share of oil revenue from 1999-2011 brought in a total of around $60bn-$80bn, that’s $5bn-$7bn a … Continue reading

The Agony of the Sudanese Diaspora

Something awe inspiring is happening right now, right at this very moment in Sudan, as I type these words. Something that we could only speak to our pillows about at night, sending our flesh into goosebumps and causing all sorts of a frenzy in our systems when thought about. A blinding spark, started by none … Continue reading