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News: July 28th-August 28th, 2012

News: The Huffington Post published “Rudwan Dawod, Activist Detained in Sudan after Nonviolent Protest Could Face Death Penalty“, read it here. Sudan Tribune published “Darfur Price Protesters Torch Government Buildings“, read it here and Magdi El Gizouli wrote “Abbo: Who is the ‘Revolutionary’?“, read it here. Inyenyeri News published “Rudwan Dawod’s Wife and Friend Share Candid Thoughts on … Continue reading

News: July 20th-27th, 2012

News: Ahmed Kodouda wrote “Unpacking Sudan’s Power Dynamics“, published by Al Jazeera, read it here. Sudan Tribune published “Sudan’s NCP Defiant Amid Small Protests in Khartoum Against Electricity Rates Hike“, read it here. It also published “Sudanese Activists to Stand Trial on Terrorism Related Charges“, read it here. Sarah El Deeb wrote “Sudanese Struggle to Ignite their … Continue reading

News: July 14th-19th, 2012

News: Al Arabiya English published “At Least 30 People Held After Sudan Protest: Opposition“, read it here. Al Jazeera published “Is the Media Ignoring Sudan’s Uprising?”, read it here and “Sudan: The Fight for a New Regime” by Abdelkhalig Shaib, read it here. Sudan Tribune reported “Sudanese Police Clash with Khartoum University Students“, read it here. … Continue reading

News: July 8th-13th 2012

News جريدة اليوم السابع نشرت “اضراب ثلاثة صحفيين عن الطعام ووقفة احتجاجية تضامنا مع شيماء عادل” اقرأها هنا The Christian Science Monitor published “Why do the Sudanese Protests Get so Little News Coverage?” written by Tom Murphy, read it here. Amnesty International published a press release titled “Sudan: Torture, Abuse of Demonstrators Charge or Release … Continue reading

News: July 1st – 7th, 2012

News An old article dating from April 25th, 2011 is of relevance this week with the growing number of detained Sudanese and foreign activists and professionals: the Independent World Report published “Letter from Khartoum” by Yousif Elmahdi, read it here. Comment Middle East published “Is This the Sudan Summer?” by Omar Zaki, read it  here. Reem Abbas … Continue reading

News: June 29th & 30th, 2012

29th of June, 2012 The Atlantic ran a story titled “Sudan’s Would-Be Revolution,  as Told in Photos”, read it here. BBC reported on the protests in “Khartoum: Sudan Austerity Protesters ‘tear-gassed’ “, read it here. 30th of June, 2012 Yassir Sediq wrote an article for Ahram news titled “Protest at Sudan’s Embassy in Cairo Against … Continue reading

News: 28th of June, 2012

So on the eve of the Lick Your Elbows Friday…what can we offer in terms of reading fodder? An updated compilation of articles by Marc Lynch for Foreign Policy titled “Sudan’s Protests” can be found here. Sudan Tribune published “Darfur SLM Voices its Support to Peaceful Protests in Sudan”, read it here. Mutasim Elagraa wrote “Elbows … Continue reading

News: 27th of June, 2012

Now that the international media is picking the story up a little more, there is plenty of analysis to get your teeth into. Here is a tip: If you are on twitter and want to follow people clued into the movement, check out this list.    A great collection of photos from Foreign Policy can … Continue reading

News: 25th and 26th of June, 2012

The past couple of days have brought some interesting developments in the #SudanRevolts story. News AFP reported “Bloomberg Reporter Deported from Sudan”, read it here. Radio Dabanga published “Dormitories of Protesting Students Set Ablaze by Sudan Security Agents”, read it here. Sudan Tribune reports there are “foreign elements” aiding the protests, read it here. Shadi Bushra … Continue reading

Monday June 18th, 2012

News: Reuters published “Protests erupt as Sudan’s Bashir unveils austerity plans”, read it here. Blogs: Mimz from the blog Mimzology published “Sudan: Are we a Failed Nation? – by Yousif Elmahdi”, read it here. Girifna movement published “Khartoum University: heartbeat of the Sudanese revolution” (جامعة الخرطوم: نبض قلب الثورة السودانية) in English and Arabic, read … Continue reading