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Ex-detainee Story: 3

This account was originally posted on the web board Sudanese Online in Arabic (original Arabic version can be found at the bottom of post). It was written by Abdelwahab A.E. , who witnessed these events first-hand.  One of my web board friends called me on Sunday and informed me that his son was being held … Continue reading

Ex-detainee Story: 2

By: Anonymous تم  اعتقالي من احدي المظاهرات في شوارع الخرطوم مع زميلي مصور وصديقتي صحفية وذلك بعد مطاردة بالعربية ادت بنا الي حادث مريع  ادي الي تدمير  عربت زميلي المصور تم انزلونا من العربية بعنف مع الضرب في الوجة والراس وكل اجزاء الجسم بالايدي والهراوات ثم تم رفعنا في عربية بوكس وامرونا ان نستلقي في ارضية العربة على وجوهنا … Continue reading

Ex-detainee Story: 1

Translated by: Nada A. I would like to begin by Asalamu Alaikum and by welcoming you. The first thing I would like to say is that, and according to what I hear people say, I was the last detainee the NISS was likely to set free (on the basis of their assumption that I am a … Continue reading