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I (Personally) Revolt

By: Muniness Paris I’m currently in Paris. Two friends flew in from Cairo and London to join S and I. We got on the train to Paris just 4 hours after I finished my last Master’s exam. It’s my first time in Paris and the city is truly enchanting- where we walked anyways. However, #SudanRevolts … Continue reading

Videos:London June 30th, 2012

These videos were taken by a Tweep at the #SudanRevolts London demonstrations last Saturday, June 30th, 2012. She shared them with us to share with you. The turn out was huge and the crowds chanted various slogans against the current NCP regime. Chants included “Your day is coming, you who is unjust to us” and … Continue reading

The Agony of the Sudanese Diaspora

Something awe inspiring is happening right now, right at this very moment in Sudan, as I type these words. Something that we could only speak to our pillows about at night, sending our flesh into goosebumps and causing all sorts of a frenzy in our systems when thought about. A blinding spark, started by none … Continue reading

#SudanRevolts at Home and Beyond

Sudanese and other nationalities have shown their support for #SudanRevolt online, this is a compilation from a group created in Facebook. السودان_ينتفض يشجعها الكثيرون من شتى أنحاء العالم و الصور أعلاه مأخوذة من موقع التواصل الاجتماعي من هذه الصفحة#