News: July 28th-August 28th, 2012


The Huffington Post published “Rudwan Dawod, Activist Detained in Sudan after Nonviolent Protest Could Face Death Penalty“, read it here.

Sudan Tribune published “Darfur Price Protesters Torch Government Buildings“, read it here and Magdi El Gizouli wrote “Abbo: Who is the ‘Revolutionary’?“, read it here.

Inyenyeri News published “Rudwan Dawod’s Wife and Friend Share Candid Thoughts on Sudan Arrest and Possible Death Penalty“, read it here.

A compilation of Tweets by former detainee Usamah Mohamed was published on Storify titled “My Arrest and Detention by #NISS! #SudanRevolts“, read it here.

All Africa published “Sudanese Citizenship-State – Overthrowing the Regime or Building the Alternative?“, read it here; “Turabi Says Revolution May Happen in Sudan at any Time“, read it here ; “US “Concerned” Over Re-Arrest of Aid Worker in Sudan“, read it here; “Student Protests in South Darfur Leave Seven Injured” by Rehaid Albirdi, read it here and “Dozens of University Students Remain in NISS Detention“, read it here.

Fox News published “US Aid Worker Released from Custody by Sudanese Security Forces“, read it here.

The Atlantic published “The First Hints of Violence Set Back Sudan’s Beleaguered Protest Movement“, read it here.

Reuters published “Soaring Meat Prices Stoke Discontent in Sudan at Ramadan“, read it here; “Young Sudan Activists Push Revolt Against Odds“, read it here and “Sudan Police Use Teargas to Stop Darfur Protests“, read it here.

John Prendergast and Dave Eggers wrote “Keeping Sudan from Becoming Another Syria” for the Washington Post, here it here. الموضوع مترجم في الغد، اقرأه هنا

العرب أونلاين نشرت” السودان يتوق للانفجار في وجه نظام البشير“، اقرأها هنا

Salem News published “Oregon Aid Worker Faces Death Penalty in Sudan“, read it here.

Amnesty International published “Sudan: Security Forces Must Stop Using Live Rounds Against Demonstrators“, read it here.

Global Voices published “Sudan: Twitter Activist Released After Two Months in Detention“, read it here.

The Greenslade blog of the Guardian published “Sudanese Blogger Detained Without Charge“, read it here.

Radio Dabanga published “Second Day of Protests Leave Dozens Dead and Injured in Nyala, S Darfur“, read it here.

MSNBC published “Burning Hot Summer: Sudanese Struggle to Ignite Arab Spring-like Uprising“, read it here.


Muftah published “A Sudanese Summer: The Sudan Revolts One Month On“, read it here. Also published this month is “Floods v. Housemaids: Sudan is Unaware”  by blogger NubianQ, read it here.

 لا شكر… لا عزاء” مقال نشر بعد اطلاق سراح المعتقلين، اقرأه هنا

Louise Hogan wrote “#SudanRevolts: Women Lead a Revolution” for Women Under Siege Project, read it here.

Sudanese Actifist published “Gissat the Man that Doesn’t Matter: Abdelmoniem Rahma“, read it here.

Greta Van Susteren published a letter by Yasir Arman on her blog on Fox News Insider, read it here.

Zeinobia published “#SudanRevolts: Does Anyone Pay Attention Anymore?!” on her blog Egyptian Chronicles, read it here.

Sudanese Women Human Rights Defenders Project published “Urgent Action: Sudanese WHRD’s Detained for 5 Months Face Charges Could Lead to Death Sentence“, read it here.

أديبات نشرت “هذا ما نسميه البديل…الصحة..نموذجا“، اقرأها هنا

  ميسون النجومي نشرت “يخسي عليك يا شعبي!!” اقرأها هنا، و ” فك القيد..بغرفة ايد“، اقرأها هنا و “ثمة ثورة تنتظر“، اقرأها هنا


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