News: July 20th-27th, 2012


Ahmed Kodouda wrote “Unpacking Sudan’s Power Dynamics“, published by Al Jazeera, read it here.

Sudan Tribune published “Sudan’s NCP Defiant Amid Small Protests in Khartoum Against Electricity Rates Hike“, read it here. It also published “Sudanese Activists to Stand Trial on Terrorism Related Charges“, read it here.

Sarah El Deeb wrote “Sudanese Struggle to Ignite their own Uprising” for the Associated Press, read it here.

The Alaska Dispatch published “In Sudan, ‘Arab Spring’ Protests Wane, but Activists Stay Optimistic” by Scott Peterson, read it here.

Sudan Tribune

George Stephanopoulos wrote “U.S. Resident Could Face Death Penalty in Sudan” for ABC News, read it here.


Carol Jean Gallo posted “#SudanRevolts: Why Now?” in Usalama blog, read it here.

Amnesty International published a call for urgent action about detained student Siddig Salah Siddig Al Bashir, read it here.

Roy Greenslade wrote “Sudanese Blogger Detained Without Charge”  on his blog for the Guardian, read it here.

Mawada Mihaimeed wrote “A Psychological War: Who’s the Alternative?” for 500 Words Magazine, read it here.

Open Democracy published “We are Fed up! The Power of a New Generation of Sudanese Youth Activists“, read it here.

Girifna published a bi-lingual piece titled “NISS Dilemma – معضلة جهاز الأمن“, read it here.

Nobel Women’s Initiative published “Women at the Forefront of Revolts in Sudan“, read it here.

Nahla Mahmoud wrote “The  New Kandakas: Sudanese Women at the Frontline of the Revolution” for the New Internationalist Blog, read it here.

Sudan Watch published “Free Citizen Journalists in Sudan“, read it here.

مصطفى هاشم نشر “الحافة 3: رمضان أحلى في السودان“، اقرأها هنا

The Committee to Protect Journalists posted “Sudan Restricts Protest Coverage, Cracks Down on Press“, read it here.

Muftah published “#SudanRevolts: Transcript of the First #MuftahChat on Twitter“, read it here.

Mimz blogged “A Month has Passed since Usamah was Arrested” on the blog Mimzology, read it here.

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