News: July 14th-19th, 2012


Al Arabiya English published “At Least 30 People Held After Sudan Protest: Opposition“, read it here.

Al Jazeera published “Is the Media Ignoring Sudan’s Uprising?”, read it here and “Sudan: The Fight for a New Regime” by Abdelkhalig Shaib, read it here.

Sudan Tribune reported “Sudanese Police Clash with Khartoum University Students“, read it here.

Agence France-Presse published “Sudan Responds to Student Protests by Shutting Down University” on the Raw Story, read it here.

Reem Abbas wrote “Women Made a Revolution in Sudan” for Channel 16, read it here, she also wrote “Sudan: The People NOT Revolting” , read it here.

نشرت البي بي سي “السودان: صحفيون يتظاهرون احتجاجا على اغلاق جريدة يومية” اقرأها هنا

UN Dispatch published “With #DarfurFriday Tomorrow, #SudanRevolts Shows no Sign of Letting up” written by Carol Jean Gallo, read it here.

Rawa Gaafar Bakhit wrote “Women in #SudanRevolts: Heritage of Civil Resistance” for Open Democracy, read it here.

The Christian Science Monitor published “Inside Sudan’s Prisons: Sudanese Protesters Speak Out” by Reem Abbas, read it here.


Blog #45 posted the testimony of the El Fashir University student who was raped by a military personnel, read/listen to it here. A poem dedicated to #SudanRevolts was also posted, read it here.

Eric Reeves wrote “Sudan: Re-defining the ‘Arab Spring‘” on Sudan Reeves, read it here. He also wrote “Why Do People Want Change in Sudan? A Barbaric Penal Code is One Reason” in his Sudan Reeves, read it here.

Elzubeir published “Sudan’s Economy – the Facts Minus the Rhetoric” in Mo Musings, read it here.

Zeinobia wrote “#SudanRevolts: Shaima is Back” in her blog Egyptian Chronicles, read it here. She also posted “#SudanRevolts: The Granddaughters of #Kandaka Revolt”, read it here.

Maha ElSanosi wrote “Sudan: Women Targeted as #SudanRevolts Enters Second Month” for Global Voices Online, read it here.

Cordoned Sudan posted “Austerity Economics: In the Name of Better Days Ahead“, read it here.

Your Community blog of CBC published “Your Take: Protesters in #SudanRevolts Demonstrations Face Major Challenges“, read it here.

Eufrica posted “Succumbing to Fear is not an Option“, read it here.

Marjon Momand wrote “Enough 101: Glossary of #SudanRevolts Terms” for Enough Project, read it  here.

World Affairs Journal published “Sudan on the Brink: A Khartoum Spring?” in their July/August edition, read it here.

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