#SudanRevolts (not) vs. The Parties

By: Muniness

I have a few bones to pick about #SudanRevolts and 140 characters were not enough, so I will do it here.

It’s about the political parties in Sudan.

  • The whole point of having political parties is that we have an aggregate of experts in public policy, governance and leadership. Whether this is true for Sudan or not is not the argument right now; more on that later. I don’t understand people who say “we don’t want political parties to take over our revolution“. First of all, they are citizens of Sudan and have all reason/right to be out protesting alongside your unaffiliated highness. Secondly, when this is all over, they’ll be the ones you vote for or join, given that we embark on democracy. We don’t all have to join political parties, once they are functional and representative, but some of us will.
  • On their expertise: we all know our current regime has oppressed them to no end. They haven not been functioning as political parties; although I appreciate the effort and determination of their members to keep them alive. Furthermore, again, when the dust settles, they will have to revamp their programs and present them to us- the voters, so we can join/vote/refute etc. at that point bring all your arguments out, it would be the idea time to discuss/discredit/praise etc.. At that point, we’ll have a say and they’ll have to oblige or be voted out.

Until then, kindly put your differences aside; political affiliation, hometown, tribe, etc. and protect the overall vision.

I have not invented anything, this is just my personal opinion posted for the benefit of everyone who can relate to it and align themselves to my logic.




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