News: July 8th-13th 2012


جريدة اليوم السابع نشرت “اضراب ثلاثة صحفيين عن الطعام ووقفة احتجاجية تضامنا مع شيماء عادل” اقرأها هنا

The Christian Science Monitor published “Why do the Sudanese Protests Get so Little News Coverage?” written by Tom Murphy, read it here.

Amnesty International published a press release titled “Sudan: Torture, Abuse of Demonstrators Charge or Release Detained Peaceful Protesters“, read it here.

Global Voices Online published “Sudan: Blogger Recounts Three Days of Interrogation” by Amira Al Hussaini, read it here.

The Opinion Pages of the New York Times published “Sudanese Activist Charged with Terrorism” by John Zogby, read it here.

Sudan Tribune published a call for action made by Amnesty International titled “Amnesty International: Urgent Action Sudanese Youth Activist at Risk of Torture“, read it here.

All Africa published Simon Jennings piece titled “Sudan: Opposition Fails to Take Lead on Protests”, read it here.

Mohamed Fadhel wrote “Sudan’s Changing Landscape” for Gulf News, read it here.

Katrina Manson wrote “Sudan Activists Take Evasive Action” for the Financial Times, read it here.

Socialist Worker published “The Struggle in Sudan is a Threat to the Bashir Dictatorship” by Osama Zumam, read it here.

UPI published “Crackdown Continues in Sudan“, read it here.

World Pulse published “Violence Against Women and the Cultural Legacies of Sudan“, read it here.

Alexander Dziadosz wrote “Arab Spring in Sudan Could Resemble Syria: Former PM” for Reuters, read it here.

Salma El Wardany wrote “Sudan Urged to Stop Torturing Protesters by Human Rights Groups” for Bloomberg, read it here.

France 24 published “Khartoum’s Revolution Against Omar al-Bashir”, read it here.

الجزيرة أصدرت “شرطة السودان تفض بالقوة مظاهرات احتجاج” ، اقرأها هنا

Al Akhbar English published “Sudanese Revolution: The Fear Barrier has been Broken”, by Maha Elsanosi, read it here.


The European Journalism Center Magazine published “In the Face of Censorship, #SudanRevolts Goes Social” by Eszter Farkas, read it here.

وائل مبارك كتب “نهج الفضائيات في زمن الثورة”، اقرأها هنا

مصطفى نشر المدونة “الحافة: قصة بلاد النيلين في 2012″، اقرأها هنا. ثم نشر “الحافة : الجامعة جامعة حرة و العسكري يطلع برة”، اقرأها هنا

Your Community Blog of CBCNews published “#SudanRevolts Makes New Wave After Police Teargas Protesters“, read it here.

Zainab Sultan wrote “Sudan Activists Shape a New Media Landscape” for the Doha Center for Media Freedom, read it here.

Katamat (Sudan) published a report titled “Protests in Sudan in its Third Week: Media Blackout and Large-Scale Arrests”, read it here.

Usifulness posted “Raw Testimony from Released Detainee“, read it here.

MENA Solidarity Network published “Sudan: Activists Arrested and Tortured in Clampdown on Protests“, read it here.

Now What? published “Free #UofK“, read it here.

The Mantle published “#SudanRevolts: A Young Journalist’s Perspective“, read it here.

Reem from Life from Reem’s Perspective published “Why Aren’t These People in the #SudanRevolts?”, read it here.

Blog #45 posted two letters by Zeinab Badreldin, mother of detainee Mohamed Salah; “Letter to my Son” and “Letter to the Government“, read them here and here.

Laura Heaton posted “#SudanRevolts: Q+A with Activist Nagi Musa on Sudan’s Friday Protests” on the website of Enough Project, read it here.


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