Tweets from WadNubawi

The following was sent via whats app from a friend in WadNubawi on Friday, June 13th, 2012.

By: H.M.

We were about 15000 inside the mosque and although we noticed the numbers of police and NISS were bigger this Friday, people decided to march outside. They were quickly dispersed by tear gas, which was also fired inside, thus people had to choice by to flea outside and away from the mosque.

After we reassembled inside, there was about 200 of us, and we sat discussing the next step given out small number. We were frequently bombarded by tear gas. We had also heard about arrests to anyone stepping outside the mosque or vicinity.

A while later, we were guarding the front gate of the mosque and a police truck passed by, saying there were “only passing”. They took in the scene inside and realized our numbers were small. They must have told their Rabatta (thugs) to launch an attack, because all hell broke loose as we were approached from the fence at the back door of the mosque. They used seikhs, tear gas, rubber bullets, metal rods and even rocks. Women were the ones in that vicinity of the mosque. Beating ensued.

We had to defend ourselves and positioned our selves near the back fence. We hit them back with stones and eventually they retreated. We managed even though our number was small. They came back along with the police and were also using stones and sticks and throwing things over the fence.

This street fight was going on for a while, and we got news that people inside houses surrounding the mosque were being attacked inside their homes. Some activists and known political figures reside in Wadnubawi, such as Umma Party leader Amir Nugdallah, who is at home with various medical machines as he’s terribly sick and was only recently released from the hospital. The tear gas reached his room, as was reported to us, and people marched there to protect the house.From Nugudallah's house

Most of the Wadnubawi protesters are in front of Nugdallah’s house and we are trying to plan our next step.


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