News: July 1st – 7th, 2012


An old article dating from April 25th, 2011 is of relevance this week with the growing number of detained Sudanese and foreign activists and professionals: the Independent World Report published “Letter from Khartoum” by Yousif Elmahdi, read it here.

Comment Middle East published “Is This the Sudan Summer?” by Omar Zaki, read it  here.

Reem Abbas wrote “Media and Bloggers Censored as Protests Spread Across Sudan” for UNCUT Index on Censorship, read it here.

Open Democracy published “Sudan’s Protests Become Civil Insurrection“, read it here. They also published “Creating Lasting Security in Sudan” by Moez Ali, read it here.

الباقر موسى كتب “قراءة نشطة للميثاق البديل” في سودانيل، اقرأها هنا

Jeffrey Gettleman wrote “Dissent Sprouts in Sudan, but it may not be Arab Spring” in the New York Times, read it here.

Magdi El Gizouli wrote “The Stir of the Sudanese Mole (1)” for Sudan Tribune, read it here.

Reem Abbas wrote “When the Outcasts Licked Their Elbow in Sudan” for Channel 16, read it here.


Mohamed El Dahshan wrote “Why We’re Ignoring the Revolution in Sudan” in the Transitions blog of Foreign Policy, read it here.

Usif posted “Security Tips for #SudanRevolts” in his blog, read it here. He also posted an insightful presentation titled “How Sudan Wasted its Oil “, read it here.

Sanna from I am Sanna posted “11 Year Old Arrested“, read it here.

مصطفى كتب “جمعة الخذلان” في مدونته، اقرأها هنا

QW Magazine published “Anti-regime Protests in Sudan Enter Fourth Week” by Mohamed Ismael, read it here.

Eve-Adam published “The Democratic Alternative; A Clash of Generations“, read it here.

Reem from Life from Reem’s Perspective published “Revolution, What Revolution?“, read it here.

Meme from A Bloody Red Saga blogged “Sudan Protests – A Ghost House Victim Tells His Story” on behalf of a former detainee, read it here.

Max from Max Dana’s Blog posted “The Revolution in Sudan and the ‘Villains‘ “, read it here.

The Community Blog of CBC News published ” #SudanRevolts Build Momentum as World Catches On“, read it here.

Sudanese Optimist published “An Open Letter to Electronic Mujahideen“, read it here.

 Zainab Badreldin wrote “Letter to the Government“, read it here.

Elzubeir wrote “Do Sudanese Activists Understand Media?” in his blog Mo’s Musings, read it here.


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