A Wife’s Appeal

By: Nancy D.

I am writing to appeal to the leaders of Sudan’s opposition parties who signed the Democratic Alternative Charter, to beg for your assistance in releasing my husband, Rudwan Dawod and other activists arrested with him while participating in a peaceful demonstration in ElHaj Yousif on Tuesday evening. Security later went to his home and arrested his father, Yagoub, and his brother, Sefian.

A local paper has accused them of plotting terrible crimes and being part of a Darfur militant movement, but his family doesn’t speak English or even use a computer. They are simple, uneducated people. We are shocked by these accusations.

Rudwan is educated and is a member of the Girifna movement and Youth Forum for Social Peace. He’s not naïve but very honest, and any posts or writings he’s made online are public declarations of his non-violent, peaceful efforts to bring democracy and justice to Sudan. He appears in many videos online also declaring non-violence and calling for change in Sudan. This is proof that he’s not a part of any armed movement, but rather a civil movement.

I am so worried for his health and safety in the hands of the NISS. He’s being held incommunicado with no representation. Last seen by his father at a trial they were taken to on Thursday morning, he looked tired and beaten. I am begging for any help you can provide to bring him home to me in the USA. I’m 30 weeks pregnant with our baby girl, Sudan Nyala, and we need him home!! His court date is set for Sunday, July 8th so this plead to you is very urgent. Please, please, please…whatever you do to help him now will prove that you are sincere in making this new charter apply to the people of the Darfur region as well as all marginalized people of Sudan.

With sincerest respect,
Nancy D.
US Citizen

This blog was originally posted in Rhapsodic Stanza, read it here.


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