News: June 29th & 30th, 2012

29th of June, 2012

The Atlantic ran a story titled “Sudan’s Would-Be Revolution,  as Told in Photos”, read it here.

BBC reported on the protests in “Khartoum: Sudan Austerity Protesters ‘tear-gassed’ “, read it here.

30th of June, 2012

Yassir Sediq wrote an article for Ahram news titled “Protest at Sudan’s Embassy in Cairo Against Al-Bashir Regime”, read it here.

CNN published a special feature titled “President al-Bashir Feels Heat from “Sudanese Spring” and it was widely circulated on social media for tackling the revolution from various angles. Read it here.

Also on CNN is an article by Nima Albagir and Faith Karimi titled “Hundreds Tear Gassed Amid Clampdown on Sudan Protests”, read it here.

Aljazeera published “Protesters Aim to “elbow out” Bashir” written by Fatma Naib, you can read it here.


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