News: 28th of June, 2012

So on the eve of the Lick Your Elbows Friday…what can we offer in terms of reading fodder?

An updated compilation of articles by Marc Lynch for Foreign Policy titled “Sudan’s Protests” can be found here.

Sudan Tribune published “Darfur SLM Voices its Support to Peaceful Protests in Sudan”, read it here.

Mutasim Elagraa wrote “Elbows and Sandstorms in Khartoum” for AlJazeera, read it here.

Nesrine Malik wrote “Change is in the Air for Sudan” for the Guardian, read it here.

The Independent published “Has the Arab Spring now Spread to Sudan?” by Daniel Howden, read it here.

James Copnall wrote “Sudan ‘elbow-lickers’ are Turning Omar al Bashir’s Jibe Against Him” for the Guardian, read it here.

Reem Abbas wrote “Facing Bashir’s Crackdown on Sudan Protests” for Channel 16, read it here.

The Egypt Monocle published “Op-ed: Sudan Revolts”, read it here.

Olga Khazan wrote “Sudanese Prepare for ‘elbow-licking” Protest for the Washington Post blog, read it here.


If you have any suggestions for the press/blog roll or would like to see something added or removed, please contact our Media Monitor via twitter or in the comments below.


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