News: 27th of June, 2012

Now that the international media is picking the story up a little more, there is plenty of analysis to get your teeth into.

Here is a tip: If you are on twitter and want to follow people clued into the movement, check out this list.   

A great collection of photos from Foreign Policy can be viewed here.

Reuters published “US Condemns Crackdown on Sudan Protests”, read it here.

Christian Caryl asks the media to cover the story of #SudanRevolts in the piece: The Sudanese Stand up.

The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies published “Next Target of Bashir’s Historical Repression: Attacks on Peaceful Protests in Sudan” on their website, read it here.

Jadaliyya provides a great analysis titled “Understanding the Prospects and Challenges for Another Popular Intifada in Sudan” penned by Khalid Medani, read it here.

Sigurd Thorsen wrote “Sandstorm Friday” for Foreign Policy, read it here.

Economic hardship is joining corruption, war and crackdowns among the grievances of Sudan’s citizens against the ruling regime as political forces unite for change, writes Asmaa El-Husseini in this peace in Al Ahram.

Armin Rosen wrote “Sudan on the Brink: A Khartoum Spring” for the World Affairs Journal, read it here.

Reem Abbas wrote “#SudanRevolts: A Journalist’s Personal Account” for Channel 16, read it here.


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