Videos: #SudanRevolts-بالفيديو: السودان ينتفض


“Four Sudanese artists from different tribes, backgrounds and geographic locations came together, united as one, as one mic and as one voice. This message is for the people, by the people.”

The Sudanese diaspora has shown love and sent messages from all over the world, some were compiled in this video.

After 23 years of dysfunctional governance, Sudan is rising and the demands of the revolution are clear.

Skit: Arrested Detainee Mariam Batoota’s Last Interview: Citizens Fight For Your RIGHTS join #sudanrevolts and spread the word

A clip made by SudanGuardian, the associated message starts with “This clip is dedicated first to the founding fathers of the Sudan, Ismael Alazhari, Yahiya Alfadali, Ibrahim Gibreel, Mahamod Alfadali, Alsaid Ali Almaragani, Alimam AlSadeq Almahadi,Hasan Awadallah, Abdelrahaman Seleman, Kalemen Amboro, Mohammed AhamedMahajob,Santino Deng ,Hasan Mohammed Yasin,Bos Dio, Shaik Ali Abdallarahaman, Hamad Tawafeq, Philip Majok, Mohammed Ahamed Mahajob, Alhaj modowi Mohammed Ahamed,Mobarag zaroq and many other stars that have fought for our independene, today we the Sudanese youth will show them that we will bring forth new stars that will shine the sky of sudan for us all. ”

A video created by a creative person (unknown) for the beautiful revolutionary song by Dubai based Soul/Hip Hop singer Nile.


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