Rise Up

By: Sudan Change Now

27th June 2012-In its tenth day of uprising, Sudan has been witnessing an awakening in the streets of the country. After 23 years of endurance, the Sudanese people have decided to say enough is enough. Protesting within a very stifling, violent and oppressive environment; maintaining the belief that the time for change has come; protesters starting with the brave university students who are now joined by people from various walks of life. These protests although initially triggered by the economic crisis in the country, are more than that; they are protests against a dictatorship, an oppressive, corrupt, incompetent government that has lied to us for two decades and must be stopped.

Our lives, our health care, our education, our livelihoods, our dignity, our diversity, our land and our freedom have all been mutilated by the NCP. Today we have even been made to bear the brunt of an economic crisis that is the result of a political system and government that has systematically failed to manage the finances of this country; with its short-sightedness, greed, incompetence, corruption and needless political wars on its own people.

We call – again – on the international media to proactively support this revolution. International media attention has so far been minor. We ask for improved coverage of the protests. The role of the international media is crucial in ensuring protection of civilians and applying pressure on the government to listen to the demands of the people. We call on all journalists to use their professional skills and seek the truth; we ask that they diligently cover events without waiting for the news to come to them. We do not want propaganda; we want to show our realities on the ground for the world to see.

On Friday the 22nd, the protests were heard loudly; this Friday June 29th 2012, will even be louder: We will Make a Difference, We will continue to protest, cover the events, share information, be safe, be peaceful, be a part of history and join the Revolution; We are all important and We count. We have done this twice before, we will make our children proud and Rise Up; it is our time. We have spoken and will not stop until we are heard.

The Resistance continues and shall overcome
Sudan Change Now

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