News: 25th and 26th of June, 2012

The past couple of days have brought some interesting developments in the #SudanRevolts story.


AFP reported “Bloomberg Reporter Deported from Sudan”, read it here.

Radio Dabanga published “Dormitories of Protesting Students Set Ablaze by Sudan Security Agents”, read it here.

Sudan Tribune reports there are “foreign elements” aiding the protests, read it here.

Shadi Bushra wrote “Sudan Protests Rage Under Tahrir’s Shadow” for the Huffington Post, read it here.

Aljazeera published “Bahir Says Sudan Protests are no Arab Spring”, read it here.

Time World published “Wishful Spring Thinking or the Beginning of the End for al-Bashir?” written by Alex Perry, read it here.

Reuters UK published “Police Disperse Protest in East Sudan-Witnesses”, read it here.

Human Rights Watch wrote “Sudan: Violent Crackdown on Protesters”, read it here.

Amir Ahmed Nasr wrote “Sudan Needs a Revolution” for Foreign Policy, read it here.

A brilliant analysis titled “Why the Khartoum Regime Will Fail” was published on Sudan Reeves and can be found here.


Dan Moshenberg wrote “In Sudan, Women Set the Spark” for Africa is a Country, read it here.

Dina from A Plain Existence wrote “A Revolution in Sudan?”, read it here.

Yassmin from Redefining the Narrative blogged “The Word on the Street”, find it here.

Moez from Thoughts of His Moezness blogged “Sudan: A New Sudan in the Making”, read it here.

Robert Mackey wrote for “The Lede” blog of the NY Times, “Sudan Deports Egyptian Journalist and Detains Bloggers as Protests Continue”, read it here.

Muftah published “Protests Calling for Regime Change in Sudan Continue for a Tenth Day”, read it here.

Gill Lusk wrote “The Cost of Living and Dying” for the Africa Confidential blog, read it here.

Voice of American published “Sudan: No Reinstating Fuel Subsidies, Despite Protests”,  read it here.


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