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News: June 29th & 30th, 2012

29th of June, 2012 The Atlantic ran a story titled “Sudan’s Would-Be Revolution,  as Told in Photos”, read it here. BBC reported on the protests in “Khartoum: Sudan Austerity Protesters ‘tear-gassed’ “, read it here. 30th of June, 2012 Yassir Sediq wrote an article for Ahram news titled “Protest at Sudan’s Embassy in Cairo Against … Continue reading

Sudan Revolts – Scenarios

By: Dr Amro M. Translated to English by N.A. Sudan’s revolts are entering a transitional period from being a core student movement to a mass revolt as a fourth revolution of Sudan’s contemporary history (after the 1924 Revolt, October and April). All these movements and previous revolutions were of limited effectiveness in achieving their slogans; … Continue reading

June 30th Worldwide Protests

June 30th has been dubbed the “Liberation Day” for Sudan. Sudanese Diaspora communities around the world are organizing a day of solidarity with the Sudanese revolution on Saturday June 30, 2012. They will assemble in various key cities around the world for a round of synchronized protests that will call for, “FREEDOM, PEACE, JUSTICE”, the … Continue reading

News: 28th of June, 2012

So on the eve of the Lick Your Elbows Friday…what can we offer in terms of reading fodder? An updated compilation of articles by Marc Lynch for Foreign Policy titled “Sudan’s Protests” can be found here. Sudan Tribune published “Darfur SLM Voices its Support to Peaceful Protests in Sudan”, read it here. Mutasim Elagraa wrote “Elbows … Continue reading

News: 27th of June, 2012

Now that the international media is picking the story up a little more, there is plenty of analysis to get your teeth into. Here is a tip: If you are on twitter and want to follow people clued into the movement, check out this list.    A great collection of photos from Foreign Policy can … Continue reading

#SudanRevolts Brief Analysis

By: Concerned Citizen In case it may be useful, below is my take on the latest events on development in Sudan. I concur with contacts on the ground inside Sudan who are of the view that if the present protests continue for the next 7-10 days, then NCP will not be able to contain the situation. What makes the … Continue reading

التحضير للثلاثين من يونيو

التحضير للثلاثين من يونيو- استراتيجيات النظام والثورة د.عمرو م. في توهمها فأجهزة النظام وأمنه تتبع استرايجيات هي تجليات تفكيرها الأمني أن الثورة السودانية يقودها نشطاء من قرفنا او كوادر حزبية قليلة العدد، استراتيجيتها موجه نحو شل تحركات هذه العناصر النشطة: اولا: اعتقال كوادر في التحركات مثل مها السنوسي ، البوشي ، رشيدة ، وديدى واخرون … Continue reading

Friday and Saturday – الجمعة و السبت

Friday: the Assembly, Saturday: the End By: A. Abbas Translated by: M.A. The third Sudanese revolution has adopted a strategy not utilized in previous revolutions. Its tactics consist of steady evolution to the point of revolution; escalated by youth actions and unity amongst all opposition political parties. The revolution also receives indirect support in the … Continue reading

Rise Up

By: Sudan Change Now 27th June 2012-In its tenth day of uprising, Sudan has been witnessing an awakening in the streets of the country. After 23 years of endurance, the Sudanese people have decided to say enough is enough. Protesting within a very stifling, violent and oppressive environment; maintaining the belief that the time for … Continue reading